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"I knew you

were the best choice for our photographer!"


"Julie is AMAZING!

She takes her time to get to know her clients, and what they want for their big day....

Thank you for all your hard work!"

- Candice


So, there is no doubt that Wedding Photography is an Investment.


Let's get real for a minute and fast forward; it's your wedding day. And, it has been nothing short of amazing! The meal and the cake have been eaten, the music has stopped playing, the last dance has ended, the flowers will be dried, your dress will be hung, the guest have gone home, and the doors have now closed...

However, your photos will live on forever. Each time you sit and flip through your Wedding Album, share a photo with a friend, post your memories on-line, update your profile pic with your favorite image, or gaze at your beautiful Wall Art hanging in your home....you will be reminded of your once-in-a-lifetime day! And best of all, your photos will create family memories & stories to be shared for years to come!

Don't compromise with the memories of a day that will change your lives forever! This is YOUR Love-Story. Let's capture it!