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Hey, There! I'm Julie.

And here's a look into my story...

Juie from Julie Frances Photography.png

Ten years ago, I was wearing another hat in the wedding industry— Rockin’ it out as a Wedding DJ!

I was working along side of my fiancé, Jason as we built a very successful, fun and interactive Wedding DJ business that he continues to operate. (staying booked from referrals alone truly speaks to his sought-after biz!) I took great pride in sitting with every single couple we met planning out how they wanted their big day to go!

And it was through these countless hours, working with hundreds of couples that I credit learning all of the ins & outs of this very exciting, fast-paced industry that paved the road to where I am today— a Passionate Wedding Photographer who cares about YOU, your desires and the importance of your day being about YOU! It’s definitely not a cookie-cutter process when we work together.

Working with such genuine couples, I know "it's all working" when they later share how they loved their personalized experience, feeling like they could totally be themselves. And then witnessing the awe as they see their photos for the first time during their Reveal as they're soaking it all in...this is priceless.

Every single time that I hear words like...

  • “You were so much more than just a photographer…”

  • “You spent so much time really getting to know us & what we wanted…”

  • “You were like a having another bridesmaid out there on my wedding day!”

  • “Thank you for continuously offering your hand beyond the camera on our wedding day!”

  • “…we were immediately at ease and ready to go at our engagement session!”

  • “Thank you for all of the time that you put into everything!”

  • “You were like a wedding photographer & planner all-in-one! Thanks for all of your help!”

  • “This was SO much fun!”  (and this one coming from the guys is worth gold!)

…it honestly warms my heart beyond words!


THIS IS WHY. This is why I created an experience that is based on spending time listening, learning, guiding, helping out along the way and being your biggest cheerleader throughout your entire journey.

When you are encouraged to talk about what you want and able to ask questions about what you’re not sure about (I mean it’s not like you plan a wedding everyday…it’s quite ok to have a lot of questions!), you'll relax and have fun…YOU will shine!

Whether it’s your first dance, the first time you see each other on your special day, or you're sprinting to the finish-line with your partner to be wed (and yes, I shot this exact scenario!)…there's no doubt that I will feel the hair raise on the back of my neck as I am capturing your moments. Every.Single.Time…let’s just say, that I’m a hopeful romantic through ’n through! I love my work. For me, it's always about people first and I will be throwing in 110% of my heart & soul on your Wedding Day! 

And this is who you’ll have on your side, when you hire Julie Frances Photography—  passionate, energetic Wedding Photographers who will have your back and will be your eyes, so you can go out there & be YOU, have fun, and live in the moment, when it matters the most!

You'll be reliving your very own BEAUTIFUL, REAL, STORYTELLING memories for years to come!!

In Their Words

Julie Frances Photography-Wedding Photog

Jamie & Greg

I'm not a big fan of taking photos but Julie made it a lot of fun & very comfortable...We were very impressed with her creative direction and all of the laughs!

Marianne & Jeremy

We are so happy with how they turned out. The finished book is beautiful, and the canvases are perfect! What an amazing experience having you as our photographer Julie, start to finish. You both took time on Christmas Eve to deliver something to our family that you knew we were SO excited to receive. The album is a treasure, we love it!

Jen & Bill


Julie Frances-Maine Wedding Photographer
Jillian-Maine Wedding Photographer.jpg

Julie Frances Photography was founded during a time in my life of personal healing. My creative heart was reborn and my passion to inspire & encourage others was like a rekindled flame.


Since, my dedication of helping people bring their celebrations to fruition & capture it in a way that’s true to them has really become my thing.


So much so, that an experience was created to eliminate your worries, create real connections, allow you to feel like "YOU" beautifully, while we creatively capture & document your personal story! It's a win-win!

Real Connections = Beautiful Storytelling Memories

Julie Frances Photography
Julie Frances Photography
Maine Wedding Photographer
Maine Wedding Photographer
New England Wedding Photographer
New England Wedding Photographer
Wedding Photographer in ME
Wedding Photographer in ME

Meet the JFP Team


Head Photographer

I'm a small town Maine girl who loves to take a drive to the ocean with the windows down, radio up &

a Dunkin in hand.

I devour books, podcasts & courses on all aspects of growth-

for my business, craft and personal development.

I do everything with my whole heart— driven by passion & dedication.

Family is everything and with them is my favorite place to be.

Julie Frances Photography.jpg


Assistant & 2nd Photographer

I am currently in college, studying to be a teacher which takes a great deal of my time. I have fallen in love with wedding photography and really enjoy being creative with it!

I LOVE dogs! So, it's no surprise that my favorite times are those spent caring & hanging out with my rescue pup— Jorgy! 

She is my pride & joy!

Jillian from Julie Frances Photography.j

My Reason

Julie Coull Family.jpg

There’s no doubt that

my family is my everything.

I have been abundantly blessed, having 4 beautiful, smart, independent, strong, passionate, loving children of my own. My J's. -Josh, Jaime, Justin & Jillie-

To add to this, I also have amazing bonus-children,

and of course, this has all led to having the GRANDEST of gifts—

6 Grandkiddos!

Life is good!

When we manage to all get together, we are quite a crew!

You can hear laughter and chatter all throughout!

They are my world, my drive...

my reason.


Julie Coull family.jpg
Juie from Julie Frances Photography.jpg

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