Hey, There! I'm Julie.

And here's a look into my story...

Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane before I was a wedding photographer. I was wearing another hat in the industry— as a Wedding DJ, working along side of my fiancé, Jason as we built his very successful, interactive Wedding DJ business.

Spending countless hours with hundreds of couples throughout the years, it was quickly established that our style of “putting in the time” to get to know our couples long before their wedding was something that was seen & felt by all. We quickly became referred out by many venues & planners. And at the end of every celebration,

we had people coming up saying that we were “not like the other DJ’s”.

This was a good thing. We were known as the DJ’s who cared.

Sitting behind the booth running the controls (allowing Jason to head out & do his magic on the mic), I observed. And when it came to wedding photographers, I saw some who were great, but too often I saw those who were arrogant and unfriendly. I would see the smiles wash away from the happy couple as they were being rudely bossed and abruptly interrupted during their Reception. When I noticed these less-than stellar moments, I could only imagine how this couple who had hired them must have been feeling. I couldn’t understand this behavior.


If their job was to capture joy, love, and emotion, while documenting once-in-a-lifetime moments for people, why wouldn't they come in smiling, full of positive energy, support and dedication?

Skip ahead. When Julie Frances Photography shows up on Wedding day to photograph your wedding, we’re ready to do this thing! Feeling happy, excited & prepared, knowing exactly what is important to my couples, I am fully committed and so is my team. From feeling my hair raise on the back of my neck as the bride enters the ceremony (Yes, it gets me every.single.time) to the moment of holding back my tears during the Father-Daughter dance! (I have to tell myself, Nope don’t do it- don’t listen to the lyrics…)






Can I just say, I am a hopeful romantic through n' through?!

I LOVE Weddings!

However & wherever.

Will you be walking down the aisle to be wed or running to the race line with the love-of-your-life to tie the knot?

When you choose JFP, you’ll doing so with peace-of mind knowing we’ll be there...

capturing YOUR love-story!











Being a professional wedding photographer with this past experience, I always move forward with a great respect & understanding of the importance of each & every wedding vendor involved in-the-making of the perfect wedding celebration. It takes teamwork, and I love being part of this team!

Julie Frances Photography began by providing space

to listen, learn, ask questions and to lean in and help out whenever possible.

See for me, it has ALWAYS been about the people. That’s YOU!

With these values in mind, an experience was created to eliminate your worries,

create real connections, allowing you to feel like "YOU" beautifully,

while capturing your personal love-story!

Beautiful Through & Through

Real Connections

Storytelling Memories

Meet the JFP Team


Head Photographer

I'm a small town Maine girl who loves to  take a drive to the ocean with the windows down, radio up &

a Dunkin in hand.

I devour books, podcasts & courses on all aspects of growth-

for my business, craft and personal development.

I do everything with my whole heart— driven by passion & dedication.

Family is everything and with them is my favorite place to be.

Julie Frances Photography.jpg


Assistant & 2nd Photographer

I am currently in college, studying to be a teacher which takes a great deal of my time. I have fallen in love with wedding photography and really enjoy being creative with it!

I LOVE dogs! So, it's no suprprise that my favorite times are those spent caring & hanging out with my rescue pup— Jorgy! 

She is my pride & joy!

Jillian from Julie Frances Photography.j

My Own

There’s no doubt that

my family is my everything.

I was blessed in life, having 4 beautiful, smart, independent, strong, passionate, loving children of my own. And, my blessings went beyond in life bringing me amazing bonus-children,

and now grandchildren

who I couldn't imagine life without!

When we manage to all get together, we are quite a crew!

You can hear laughter and chatter all throughout!

Year to year, my family continues to grow and everyday, I feel more & more blessed.

They are my world, my drive

& they bring me joy!  


Julie Coull family.jpg
Juie from Julie Frances Photography.jpg
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Julie Frances Photography Senior Model T

~ Julie Frances is a Maine Wedding & Senior Photographer who has created a relaxed & fun experience making it all about YOU! Beautiful, REAL & Storytelling. Born & raised in Maine, she's no stranger to what it takes to photograph in all conditions. From Weddings of all sizes, including Elopements, she can help. You're apt to see her happily photographing, near or far, from the oceans to mountains, all throughout Maine, New England, and beyond. ~

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