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"It was an unforgettable day, Julie! Thank YOU for the experience!" -Tammy T.


Who's the Girl behind the lens?

So, let's do this with an

"All-American Girl" Quiz...

1. What is your favorite go-to drink?

Coffee, definitely coffee with a whole-lot of cream!

2. Where is your favorite place to spend time?

The Ocean, hands down, with my camera and loving every minute of it!!

3. Is there a television series that you have watched from beginning to end more than once? If so, which one?

YES! New Girl; all 7 seasons!

4. Do you have a secret to stay focused during the long hours of the "Edit-Crunch" season?

Music. Loud Music is almost always my magic wand! OR occasionally, a romantic-comedy:) I'll throw on one of my favorites that I have already seen...this keeps me focused & doesn't become a distraction.

5. What would you consider to be a perfect-weather day?

Sunny & 75

6. Stiletto's or flip-flops?


7. IF you had to choose one of these for the rest of your life: Would you take Music or TV?


Absolutely, music all of the way! It accompanies me through the happiest of times and gets me through the hardest of times, AND, it is the only way to make it through grueling gym work-outs!

8. If you were a bird, which one would you be?

A NIght Owl, lol- usually hours of editing, reading, designing of albums, catching up on webinars, pod-cast, and on-line classes...I guess I am a true nerd at heart.

9. Least favorite food?

Hmmmm...That's a toss-up....Onions AND Mushrooms! Yuck:(

10. If you were in charge of planning the next GNO with your friends; where would you and the Girls be heading for the night?

Somewhere DANCING....no doubt we would be dancing all night!

Welcome to My Corner...

Photo Credit: John A. Miller Photography

This is me, Julie.

Family means everything!

I lOVE real-life Love-Stories!

I love planning & preparing for all of the little details...

But, I love laughter & smiles even more!

I absolutely LOVE capturing your precious moments while you are being YOU!

Bringing your memories to life in your images while creating an unforgettable experience during the process is my passion!

So tell me, are you still with me?

Need a Photographer?

Contact me for a Free Consultation.

Hit me up with all of your questions.

I absolutely can't wait!



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