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Celebrating My Senior | Class of 2020 | Cony High School | Augusta, Maine

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Class of 2020 | Senior Highlight | Jillian

Jillian - Class of 2020

Cony High School

Interest/Activities: Soccer, Photography, Spanish Club

Some Favorites: Fall, Chicken, the Ocean, and being a Dog-Mom to her pup, Jorgy

Dream Destination: Iceland


Let's address the fact that this is 2020 and that the simple hashtag, #classof2020strong carries so much meaning. Geesh, who would've guessed that we would be dealing with a Worldwide Pandemic? Certainly not myself or my daughter who's in her Senior year of high school; not any of her Senior friends or their parents; and certainly not the any of the other impacted high school Seniors everywhere. But this is our reality and one that has left us with a wealth of uncertainties and difficult questions that can't be answered, but also one that we are all in together.

And with that being said, both Jillian and I are choosing to not dwell on the things that we cannot control. This post will not focus on losses, but rather gains.

For my sweet, beautiful daughter these gains were made throughout her years of hard work, tenacity, faith, tears, laughter, hope and a whole lot of love.

Senior High School Girl Smiling on Beach

A little bit about My Girl, Jillian...

Jillian, Jillie, Jillie-Bug, Buggy are all names that my daughter will answer to in our home. Since she was knee high to a grasshopper, she's been our Buggy. When she was very young, she would speak to me through her big beautiful eyes whenever she unsure of something or someone…no words needed, just some eye contact and PRESTO, I would know exactly what she needed or wanted at the time.

Many who know Jillian today would be surprised to know how deathly shy she was in her younger years. It wasn't until the 3rd grade and her first year attending St. Michael School, when she really began to come out of her shell. She very quickly began showing her teachers and peers at school, the same smart, fun, lovable girl that I always saw at home!

Senior High School Smiling in Field at Sunset

She has spent years studying and working hard on her academics, athletics, and more. Playing soccer for over a decade, trying out an array of other sports and activities from dancing, basketball, tennis, golf, and piano lessons; Jillian became a very active and involved student.

When it came time for working, she was eager! We were hustling to get her worker’s permit because she already found and been hired for her first job, and she’s been working ever since. Driver's Ed, a license, and a car were all on the list of must-do's just as soon as she was old enough for my independent girl.

From watching her grow into a young woman who lovingly cares for her nieces and nephews and diligently takes care of her sweet, anxious, and energetic rescue pup, Jorgia, it is quite evident that Jillian is a naturally compassionate caretaker.

There's no doubt that Jillian’s independence, intelligence and strength are going to carry her far. She was accepted into Thomas College as a Kiest-Morgan Scholar, awarded the Summa Cum Laude Merit Scholarship and she will be attending in the fall. Her plans are to study Elementary Education.

And her talents don't stop there, she showed interest in photography several years ago and it was apparent during our "location-scouting trips" around the state with a camera attached to not only myself, but to her too, that Jillian had the natural ability to "see a great photo". She followed up her interest with a class and quickly became more than just an assistant by my side. This girl was second-shooting before I knew it! And, I have to say, I think we make a pretty great team!

With her kind heart, fun-loving sense of humor, maturity and ability to persevere through difficult times, she will undoubtedly be successful in all that she decides to do!

Jillian, I am beyond proud of you. I admire your ability to be real and stand up for what you know is right. You have always been a girl with values and morals including integrity, respect, and hard-work. I know there were times when it wasn't easy when other didn't seem to care about those same values. But don't ever give-up on your values; your hard-work, dedication, and staying true to what you believe in will lead you in the right direction.

I want to tell you that your attitude lately has been uplifting. Just the other day when we were walking, you shared with me some positive things that have been coming out of this recent situation. Pointing out the improvements and clarity of our Earth’s water and air, to our family game-nights, walks & exercise, you mentioned them all. Thanks for taking the high-road once again and offering another prospective!

Keep shining that special light of yours…the world needs it more now than ever. And remember, you can always count on faith and your Momma's love no matter where your journey leads. Lastly, be YOU always!!

Congratulations on all of your hard work and all of your accomplishments, Buggy!! Your family’s so proud of you!

This door may have closed a bit sooner than it should’ve, but as one door is closing another is always opening...and I know you will do great things, my Sweet Jillie-Bug!

“I love you for the little girl that you once were, for the amazing woman that you are today, and for the precious daughter you will always be.”

Click here to see Jillian's Senior Album:


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