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Spring Into Senior Year: A Magical Maine Session with my Class of 2025 Senior Reps!

Updated: Jun 11

Hey everyone! Spring has sprung, and oh, what a kick-off we had with our fabulous Class of 2025 Senior Reps - Alexia, Ruby, and Emily. Picture this: a gorgeous spring day, loads of sunshine, and the three of these beauties heading out to the most picture-perfect spots for a session that’s all about diving headfirst into senior year. 🌷✨

Beautiful, Real & Storytelling Portraits of YOU being YOU!

Our initial victory was achieved amidst the sunny fields and dandelions turned to white puffballs!

Our day was a mix of casual chic, whimsical dreams and lilacs in full bloom! We started out with some casual fun, laughing and exploring country roads and fields - basically, your ideal chill day out making new friends.

My Magnificent Trio: Julie Frances Photography Senior Reps




Our adventure began on a quintessential country dirt road, surrounded by the lush fields that only spring can boast. Ripped Jeans, tees, and the fun-loving playful willingness of Alexia, Ruby, and Emily as I threw out one idea after another made for some laughs, fun and amazing photos on the countryside!

Capturing their personalities out in front of my lens brought my heart so much joy & satisfaction!

Then, as the golden hour rolled in, we switched it up to dresses and hats, basking in that sunset glow that just makes everything look like it's straight out of a fairy tale. They killed it out there in front of the lens for sure!

The adventure didn’t stop there. I took them to a little gem of a spot I had come across earlier where the lilacs were in full bloom. Let me tell ya, if spring had a scent, this was it - absolutely divine. And amidst these blooms, I was capturing the MAGIC as they lit up! And I made sure to use up every last bit of gorgeous light of course!

Now, get this: Alexia, Ruby, and Emily didn’t know each other before this. They came together from three different schools, but here they all were, chatting, laughing, and just vibing like they’ve been buddies for years! It's really a beautiful thing that speaks to their beautiful friendly, fun and caring spirits!

And because no adventure is complete without a bit of silliness, I brought out some bubble gum. Turns out, bubble blowing was not our forte - who would’ve thought, right? But hey, laughing at their failed attempts turned out to be the perfect way to wrap up the night! And their laughter and smiles were priceless!

One of my fav shots? The girls running away from the camera, not just away from me, lol, but towards everything amazing waiting for them in their senior year.

It's not just a photo; it's a start of an adventure, a leap into the future.

So, here’s the scoop: if you’re dreaming of capturing this incredible journey into senior year with some unforgettable photos, give me a shout. My calendar is filling up fast, and I’d love to make some magic with you. Let's make memories that’ll have you smiling from ear to ear every time you look back at them.

Ready to jump into your senior year with a photoshoot that’s as unique and fun as you are? Slide into my inbox, let’s chat! 📸🌟 Schedule your free consultation today and let the magic begin.

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Monochrome Photo of Photographer Julie Frances Photography

And don't forget,

Be YOU always & Keep Smiling!




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