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Maine Seaside Wedding at the Village by the Sea | Kristina & Chris

“Choosing a wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions that people make during the wedding planning process. My husband and I couldn’t of been happier with our choice to have Julie Frances Photography as our wedding photographer...Her knowledge and expertise were amazing…During the planning process Julie made it a point to be there every step of the way.”

-Kristina R.

Married in Wells, ME


Kristina and Chris had a simply elegant Wedding at the Village by the Sea in Wells, Maine. The Village by the Sea is a beautiful seaside wedding venue. Upon our arrival, Renee and Jayme were both really helpful, taking time to show Jillian and I all around the facility. I really appreciated how often they checked in with us, keeping everyone in the loop throughout the day!

We headed right up to see the Bride and her ladies who were all starting to get ready in the Bridal Suite area. Kristina was already smiling from ear to ear and this couldn't have made me happier— I always say, a FABULOUS WEDDING DAY really all starts with your attitude…and there was no doubt that Kristina is one of the sweetest humans. She was already wearing her happy, positive, fun attitude! She was glowing!

Naviina Salon was on-site, doing their thing! Both Kristina & Kayla looked picture perfect, after the stylist was done with them! As we were making our way around, we were documenting all of the details as all of the ladies were getting ready & having some pre-wedding fun!

From our earlier tour around the venue, I already knew that I wanted to capture Kristina’s gorgeous wedding gown hanging from the arbor where the couple would later be married. It was perfect! After capturing this whimsical scene, we found a spot where the natural light was pouring in, and we used it to shoot all of Kristina’s stunning Bridal Details!

This is one of our personal favorites on wedding day— creating stunning detail images. Jillian, especially loves capturing these details, so she was in her glory on this lovely, summer day! (and for anyone who doesn’t know us- Jillian is my Assistant, 2nd Photographer & my Go-To Girl- simply put, she’s really pretty awesome!)

I REALLY enjoy photographing flowers and Kristina's bouquet was simply divine.

After catching up with the guys, we had learned of a little mix-up that they had been dealing with— where the wrong Tux-Bag ended up with the wrong man when it was time to get ready…causing the Groom a little worry, but fortunately it all worked out and he handled it with grace; we snagged some photographs of the dapper looking men, and it was time to get the Wedding in motion!

Kristina & Chris had a special ceremony right there at the Village by the Sea. From their Wedding Party including family & close friends, right down to the most adorable “littles”. You couldn’t help but smile as the Flower-girls, Aleah & Brianna took their methodical stroll down the aisle, throwing flower petals with careful precision:) And just when you thought your heart couldn’t take any more cuteness, along came Bella pulling sweet, little Harper in the wagon. Seriously…Melt-my-heart!

Earlier in the day, I had overheard Kristina’s mother telling her daughter that she “looked like a princess” and I couldn’t have agreed more! How she wore everything from her dress, her hair & headpiece to her infectious, beautiful smile, simply spoke to the beautiful person Kristina is both inside & out! She was truly a STUNNING sight as she was being walked down the aisle by her proud father, Ronald.

Later, Kristina’s son, Kristofer did a great job giving a very nice reading, followed by the Bride & Groom performing the Unity Candle Ceremony. It was all smiles & cheers as these two were pronounced married!!

We immediately headed to capture Family Portraits with the newly married, Mr & Mrs Renaud! We were able to get all of the couple’s family photos right there on-site before we were off to our next adventure!

Next, we were off to the beach! The weather was stellar on this Friday evening. Just as we were making our way down to the water, a large cloud cover came over…like magic, we had ourselves a giant soft-box. We were moving right along as we captured all of the Wedding Party AND Bride & Groom Portraits— using the beach & rocks to our full advantage!

Let’s back up for a minute to when Kristina and I first talked on the phone (after meeting at the Portland Wedding Show), it is fair to say that I felt like we connected right away. We were throwing around ideas immediately and mapping out plans before we knew it! We had several more phone conversations where we discussed the wedding planning details in more depth, it was quite apparent that we are both natural-born planners, lol.

What I knew was Kristina had been dreaming for beach photos on her Wedding Day AND it was important to this couple to not leave their guest at their Reception for any longer than absolutely necessary. I totally understood and wanted to help them achieve it all. Knowing that there would be a lot of moving parts to make this all happen, I knew that I wanted to see our plans, firsthand before the wedding!

So, we did just that! We planned a day to meet, and I traveled down to Wells. Kristina and I met, talked over all of the wedding details one more time and then hit the road. Stopping first to check out the venue location and then off to the beach where I immediately fell in love with the area where Kristina had brought me! I knew this was going to be perfect! Together, we did some careful timeline planning…and it all paid off on their Wedding Day when it mattered most! From the Shuttle Service, to the Venue…everyone was doing their part to make this day a success!

Kristina & Chris’s Wedding Day was AMAZING! There’s no denying that both Jillian & I are a couple of ocean-loving girls…so getting to do what we love— creating, capturing, & documenting a beautiful LOVE-STORY + having the opportunity to work with a great team of fellow wedding vendors + shooting AMAZING portraits on the OCEAN!! Like for real, WHAT A DAY!!! (+ the added bonus that I gained a beautiful friend in Kristina and that is priceless).

They did indeed return timely to their Reception and spent their wedding evening laughing, smiling, celebrating and enjoying every minute with their friends & family!

It was certainly a night to remember.

CONGRATULATIONS to both Kristina & Chris!

I will be looking forward to when we meet again!




Vendor Credits:



HAIR ARTIST: Naviina Salon


MENS WEAR: Men's Wearhouse




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